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The Advanced Chiropractic Center is one of South Jersey’s premier chiropractic offices. Dr. Neil Liebman founded The Advanced Chiropractic Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey in 1988 and has dedicated himself to excellence in chiropractic medicine every day since then.

Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center Interesting Conditions, Disc Herniation.In April of 2008, Brian was diagnosed with a left-sided disc herniation that was affecting his left leg and causing significant low back pain. After trying acupuncture and physical therapy, Brian was referred to our office for treatment.

He knew this was his last chance as he was told he needed low back surgery for his disc herniation. The thought of surgery was very upsetting because of the level of activity that Brian maintains on a daily basis. In addition, he played basketball at St. Joe’s when he was in college.

Treating disc herniations requires special equipment and is different than treating standard low back pain. A special lumbar decompression table was utilized to gently decompress the disc.

Although healing the disc did take some time, Brian was able to return to full activity including playing full-court basketball with no pain in his back or leg.

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