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The Advanced Chiropractic Center is one of South Jersey’s premier chiropractic offices. Dr. Neil Liebman founded The Advanced Chiropractic Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey in 1988 and has dedicated himself to excellence in chiropractic medicine every day since then.

advanced-chiropractic-wellness-center-interesting-conditions-march-2000-florence-casperWhen Florence came into my office it was for pain in her low back. After taking her history, I noticed she was also complaining of constant loud ringing in her ears, that she has been experiencing, for the last four months.This really caught my attention. 

She told me that she has been to two different doctors and placed on two different medications. She also told me the medicine, “Prednisone”, made her so sick that she had to stop taking it. She thought the ringing was something she was going to have to live with forever.

I explained to her about the nerves in her neck and how they can effect her ears. I also told her that I had great success with Cold Laser Therapy. I am pleased to report after six adjustments her ringing is 85% gone and she is on no medications! By the way her back pain is also gone.

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