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The Advanced Chiropractic Center is one of South Jersey’s premier chiropractic offices. Dr. Neil Liebman founded The Advanced Chiropractic Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey in 1988 and has dedicated himself to excellence in chiropractic medicine every day since then.

Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center Lower Back Disc Herniation.Etta’s low back problems began approximately 2 1/2 years ago when she started experiencing pain in the low back radiating into the right groin and leg. It was discovered after an MRI, her problem was coming from three herniated discs in her low back.

She initially tried going to another chiropractor with no change in her symptoms. She then tried pain management consisting of three epidural injections, which also did not help her ongoing problems. To complicate matters she had a knee replacement in 11/09 changing her posture and making her low back pain even more severe.

She was then referred into our office for spinal decompression by her family medical doctor and started treatment in April of this year. She had great response to care and by her fourth treatment noticed a decrease in her pain and by one month her pain was gone.

Besides using spinal decompression, we also used active therapeutic exercises to strengthen and facilitate healing of her low back muscles.

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