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The Advanced Chiropractic Center is one of South Jersey’s premier chiropractic offices. Dr. Neil Liebman founded The Advanced Chiropractic Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey in 1988 and has dedicated himself to excellence in chiropractic medicine every day since then.

advanced-chiropractic-wellness-center-interesting-conditions-november-2009-donald-weistWhen Mr. W. began treatment at this office, I saw he was referred from a local chiropractor that was not having success with him and I knew he was going to be a difficult case.

Not only did he have prior back surgery, a prior compression fracture in his back, rheumatoid arthritis and even spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal. Any one of these conditions adds to the complexity of the case, but all of them combined made it a really interesting case.

Because of these complicating factors, only soft tissue techniques were able to be utilized, especially the use of the Fenzian unit. Mr. Weist never thought he was going to see an end to his ongoing chronic pain, but after only a couple of weeks of treatment, to his amazement, his pain subsided and now feels great.

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